Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Floater Turned Shaker

When one has a ballcock and a few ball bearings lying around, one should make a shaker.
I was one of those ones and I did make a shaker, but the Brian Poirier broke it. Bastard.

A few comments I liked mostly because Dave is sweat talking me.
DaveX said...

That's just "plumb" perfect. WAY too cool. Your instruments kill me-- they're so elegant and simple-- I'm always saying "how the heck did I NOT think of THAT?"

Inspirational! --DaveX

iner said...

hey Dave thanks fer dropping by

The Ukulele thump Piano

Well I had a busted Ukulele body and way to many rake tines. What's a guy to do? No really I have to know.

Duel Sided Shaker

It's not much to look at and it makes a horrible sound.
I love it.
I love you.

Old Bongo Bodied Thumb Piano

What can I say about this one. It's an old half of a Bongo that I put a bunch of rack tines on. I do that a lot.