Saturday, May 06, 2006

Girasol Del Muerte

My very first instrument. It brings a tear to my eye just looking at it. Ok seriously, this really was the first instrument I ever built, but it was not originally designed as an instrument. It was suppose to be more of an intercom system for me when traveling around in my space ship. It was one mid summers evening, Jennifer and I were sitting around our apartment being our usual goofy selves when I noticed that across Queen Street the cops had pulled some fellow over. Jen has always compared me to an old lady the way I run to the window whenever something interesting is going on out side. I can't really say that she is wrong either. Any who, as I was watching the cops approached the gentleman's car I got the idea to hook the fan grate intercom up to my stereo and see if we could hear just what was going on. To both our amazement, the fan grate intercom ( the name Girasol Del Muerte did not come until much later) had pierced through the hustling and bustling noise of Queen Street, and we could hear every word the police spoke. Crazy man. Crazy.
It was until after they left that I ran outside and across Queen Street to the scene of the crime. In my red and white checkered and striped pajama pants that actually look pink to anybody with eyes, a grey ratty old tank top, and nothing on my feet but the skin god gave me. I stood there , yelling at first, but gradually lowering my voice as Jen stood in our window giving me the thumbs up after time. To anybody that lives in this wonderful neighborhood called Parkdale the sight of a crazy bearded bare foot man in pink pants and a wife beater is not really that uncommon. Basically it was more to me than just the night I built my first experimental instrument, but it was also the night that I truly became a Parkdalien. Here comes those tears again. If you want to hear some of these sounds click here and go to Black Iner. Be warned, this is an old web site. Some audio may be offensive to your ears. Or you can click here to just hear the sunflower of death.

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