Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Vornado

photo by iner souster
The Vornado was one of my many fan grate instruments I built a few years ago. Visually this is perhaps my favorite of the Sunflower of death series. The name came from an old Vornado fan that was given to me. You can see the name on the base of the stand. Along with that the instrument also consists of one of my old studio lamps, a steel salad bowl, a metal funnel. The stand is from my busted tripod. Inside there is a telephone receiver, which is great when you yell into the center opening of the fan grate which is attached to a spring. There are also four stings running on the outside from the bulbous body to the tines on the grate. Not only are the tines and springs playable but you can flip the Vornado around and use the body as a hand drum. That's it.

Here I am putting the final touches on the Vornado. The photo was taken by Jen. If you notice the background you can vaguely see what looks like the interior of a spaceship. If you are at all interested in more of this go to

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