Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rusty, the saw blade steel drum.

I love Rusty, though I don't think he cares to much for me. There are cuts and scratches on me everywhere. Eleven different sized saw blades to cut and scrape you as often as you like.
I got this idea from a book that Jen had brought home from the library. I believe it was called Sound Designs or Instrument Designs, I'm not sure. If you know please tell me so I can stop sounding like an idiot. The gentlemen who's name escapes me at the moment created what he called the Wheels of Time. I liked it so much that I built my own. I did have to follow my own rules in the construction of such things. The blades could not be new. They had to be found or found cheap. Found cheap was what they turned out to be. Rusted and used. Just the way I like it.

ok it has only been a few days since i posted this instrument, but I have found the book and the names of the authors.
Sound Designs: A Handbook of Musical Instrument Building
Reinhold Banek & Jon Scoville
Anybody interested in building there own instruments should try and find a copy of this book.
iner out.

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