Thursday, June 01, 2006

Aluminum and Copper Chimes

These are a few chimes I have built. I know they're not very experimental, but they were an interesting exercise. The aluminum chimes i built from a couple of chimes I found at the Goodwill. Now for those of you that are saying right now "oh how hard can it be to attach a set of chimes to a piece of wood" well let me tell you. I went through four different types of string and fishing wire. Some materials just dampen the sound something awful. Next is the fact that tying the little noisy pieces of metal to the eye screws proved to be quite the pain in the arse. There was much cursing that went on in the hour and a half that it took me to attach ten chimes to a piece of wood. Jen just left the room and my putty mouth behind. In the end I do enjoy the way it looks and the sound it makes, but I am going to have to take it out of the window. The sounds are starting to make me go mad.
The copper chimes were a bit more of a challenge. I cut each piece myself with the help of the book Sound Designs which I talk about in the part about rusty the saw blade steel drum. i actually cut two of each and hung them on both sides to fill the sound out a bit more. I have nothing else to say about chimes right now.

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