Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thumb Piano 1

What can I say? I have always wanted a thumb piano. I built this after I did a show at the Harbourfront Center with two other artists. Victor Gama, and David Hind.
The piano was built from a weird bowl and a funky hand carved face plate I found at the Goodwill. The tines were from a rake head I found lying in the middle of Queen Street watching cars run it over. I knew it had to be saved and built into a thumb piano. There are four round pieces of wood attached to it. Two are mounted underneath the tines about a half an inch apart. The third one is mounted on top of the tines in between the two underneath. The fourth is free floating and place underneath to help apply pressure. You can adjust the tuning by loosening the top piece of wood and sliding the tines back or forth to whatever tuning turns you on. So there.

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